The following steps were done as follows: Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationists Bulletin, 6 2 , The ANN for permeability and porosity prediction was constructed and used to predict permeability and porosity from well logging in the study area. This may refer to either total porosity or effective porosity. Student will benefit from working together with PhD candidates focusing on similar topics.

Flow unit characterization – Permeability and porosity relationship – FZI determination – Flow unit characterization – Well correlation. Interpretation of these parasequences were essentially based on the GR log motifs. The permeability-porosity relationships of all core intervals each well were also used for well logging interpretation to determine the permeability from derived porosity. From the foregoing, Agbada Formation top at 7, ft 2, Position of such depobelts recorded changes with time due to filling of local accommodation and basin- ward shift of the locus of deposition Doust and Omatsola, ; Enaworu, Feasibility study based on well logs showed that reservoir facies could be discriminated from elastic properties of the logs. Lawrence, , and Haykin , It is not suitable if the solution exists.

Petrophysical Analysis of Well B, U.

Part 1, analysis of crude oils for triterpanes. The permeability-porosity relationships of all core intervals each well were also used for well logging interpretation to determine the permeability from derived pefrophysics.

interactive petrophysics thesis

The practice of laterally linking depositional facies is depositional facies correlation. ANN training and testing with data sets petrpphysics all available data, data selected from interpreted reservoir zone and data from flow unit characterization. The weights are adjusted during training to minimize error between known output and model output.


interactive petrophysics thesis

Geologists Wellside Exploitation Sedimentologist. It is faster interpretation than conventional interpretation. Structurally, the study area is characterized by a distinctively fault-closed dominated structural play.

interactive petrophysics thesis

Gas fields, Malay basin, Gulf of Thailand Data: From the six wells that were analysed, multi-well correlation was done interacgive them and next, geological analysis was performed in order to identify the oil and gas-bearing layers. SP log temperature and mud resistivity were known Sw determination Petfophysics Facies association obtained from the lithofacies analysis comprised tidal channels, upper shoreface, and lower shoreface.

The direction of deposition of the sands was thus inferred to go from proximal west to distal east. Graham and Trotman Limited, The reservoir has a low net-to-gross ratio in this well Table 6. Neutron jnteractive Density cross-plot was used to identify formation lithology Lithology Shale volume Tools: The depth to base of Benin Formation delineated and correlated across the study wells determined the geologic interval thickness of this formation across Bosso Field.

interavtive This formation consists of the Lower Delta plain and records coastal barrier and fluvio marine environments representing the transitional between paralic and marine paralic facies Edeki, The following steps were done as follows: Four log facies were recognised, indicating the presence of transgressive marine shelf, slope channel-fills and turbidite fans, crevasse splay, and deep marine clay across the field.

This inference suggests that PS-1 was deposited within the late Miocene.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Tjesis flooding surfaces were utilised in dividing the Agbada Formation into six parasequences which were correlated across the well logs.


Reservoir characterization of the Triassic-Jurassic succession of the Bjørnøyrenna Fault

The project was created on the Geographix Discovery based workstation. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Neutron and Density cross-plot was used to identify formation lithology Lithology Shale volume Tools: The study area is interactie on a generalised geological map of Nigeria Figure 2. Review on the ANN methods and its application in parameter prediction based on the well logging data. Table 1 Measurement of formation Formation Measurement Parameters Electrical resistivity – Bulk density – Natural and induced radioactivity – Hydrogen content – Travel time of sonic wave Porosity primary and secondary – Permeability – Fluid saturation – Hydrocarbon type – Lithology – Formation dip and structure – Sedimentary environment – Elastic modulus Fig 10 Well logging measurement.

Detail petrophysical analysis, rock physical diagnostics and seismic AVO forward modeling will be carried out to discriminate lithofacies and pore fluids of target reservoir units.

Integration of Seismic and Petrophysics to Characterize Reservoirs in “ALA” Oil Field, Niger Delta

Petrophysical parameters and time-depth structure maps were obtained. The formation covers the entire Niger Delta, extending from the western part of the delta down south exceeding the coastline Tamunosiki et al. Published by Garry Wade Modified over 3 years ago. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

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