One of these inserts numbers in the text, and then lists references according to numerical sequence of application in the text, at the end of the document. They may have successfully completed much of their undergraduate studies by relying on textbooks and lectures. Building a bibliography is an ongoing process from the beginning of the literature search until the completion of the literature review. A briefsearch is often a good starting point, for further work. Search engines can be used to search web resources and bibliographic databases. They, may, for example, provide valuable statistics, or company information that can be used in desk based research.

There are two main referencing systems. This brief article has reviewed a number of aspects of the development of a literature review. A literature review is a summary of a subject field that supports the identification of specific research questions. Then all of the documents with content relevant to a specific section of the literature review can be gathered together, and the writing of sections of the literature review can commence. Such searches benefit from the use of the advanced search option, which typically allows the searcher to be specific about the combination of words in the search statement by using the Boolean operators, NOT, AND and OR. ISSN Full text not available from this repository. If the library subscribes to the appropriate electronic journal collections there may be a direct link to the full text of the journal articles.

Figure 1 provides a brief checklist for evaluating books for use in literature reviews.

jennifer rowley and frances slack. conducting a literature review

These should be used sparingly and for special impact. The most important thing to remember about citations is that there should be sufficient data included to uniquely define a document, and to make it possible to locate it. Such a map can be used to: Standard texts are a good place to start.

The evaluation of these sources condutcing a very real problem. Whilst search engines make for beguilingly easy location of web pages, academic journal articles are more difficult to locate.


jennifer rowley and frances slack. conducting a literature review

Subsequent sections briefly explore the following aspects of the process associated with the production of a literature review: Articles in scholarly conductnig research journals should form the core of the literature review. Literature searching and locating information sources There are a number of different tools to assist in the identification and location of documents in each of the categories discussed above.

Conducting a literature review

The headings in the structure can be used to analyze existing documents by making margin comments referring to section of the literature review. These searches are most effective if you use a very precise term e. The article is intended to assist students with the process of writing a literature review as a component in an undergraduate or Masters project or dissertation. Scholarly and research journals may also include review articles that provide a review of all of the recent work in an area.

Writing the Literature Review can commence once a broad structure has been resolved.

Conducting a Literature Review by Dr Jennifer Rowley and Dr Frances Slack Abstract This article offers support and guidance for students undertaking a literature review as part of their dissertation during an undergraduate or Masters course. Conceptual frameworks can be a useful tool in developing an understanding of a subject area. Most universities specify the type of referencing system to be used and the format of citation to be adopted for different types of litwrature.

The article aims to distill key aspects of the process associated with the development of literature reviews for the benefit of both students and their supervisors.

Conducting a literature review. The literature search helps in the identification and location of relevant documents and other sources. Introduction All research needs to be informed by existing knowledge in a subject area. A concept map is a picture of the territory under study, and represents the concepts in that area and the relationships between them.

What is the frequency of update? Start with your library web page; this provides directions to some on-line databases, a portal, or a suitable abstracting and indexing service, such as Emerald for business and management; Conduct a search within the online database, examine the references, and possibly expanded annotations and save or print a list of relevant items.


Use these references, to locate the full text of the article, by revisiting the library web page to examine the catalogue of electronic journals; this should yield some full text skack. of articles; Locate other articles through the library serials catalogue, and in print form on the library shelves; Finally, order any articles that you can literatute access or locate in your library, via inter-library loan.

Indeed, the concluding paragraphs of the literature review should lead seamlessly to research propositions and methodologies. Such reviews will include a significant bibliography that may be an invaluable source of reference to other work in the area, even if the review does not match a proposed research topic precisely.

Is a licence or payment necessary for access to the resources? A thorough, Conducting a Literature Review 2. Conducting a Literature Review 7. Components of the citations listed at the end of the dissertation vary for different kinds of jennkfer, but there are some very precise specifications as to what to include, slcak.

how to punctuate such references.

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It first identifies the nature and purpose of a literature review. These concepts should be acknowledged with a citation e. Are there links or references to other relevant web, electronic, or print sources? Figure 4 offers a general framework that might offer some inspiration, but this needs to be adapted to match the specific research project.

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