This seams like new issue, please submit issue report to jetpack. Popular Posts Like This: This is exactly what I was just talking about and having a dilemma over this very week! All the codes or scripts you will ever need are already in the documentation area for you to use. He was asked to provide three reasons why realtors would want to use his theme for their real estate WordPress blogs. One site the comment will work, the other you click post comment and it does nothing. Previous Post Previous post:

Bonjan, Do you have any experience with the Thesis theme? I’ve been salivating over one of the best website building frameworks I’ve worked with thus far — Thesis 2 — and while everyone is waiting for the magical skins and boxes to sprout up, I did a little digging and found quite a few boxes and skins for Thesis 2. A few years ago, one of our local residents, Mac Vorce, who is also a bicycle enthusiast petitioned for the development of bicycle paths and trails. Notice the built in color picker. How can I contact you? I wrote this post some time ago be freshened it up just recently.

Thus, it may be wiser to spend a few bucks to customize your design on the cheap. I tehsis impressed then and I am impressed now. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Is it the current look of your blog or the foundation upon which your future design will sit?


Jetpack 1.4 Comments: how to fix it

This helped me perfectly! Popular Posts Like This: Most of you must have seen me using the new Thesis 2 design on Best 2 Know and also Disqus Comments with it, but usually the Disqus comments does not properly work with Thesis 2, well it is pretty irritating that we install commenrs new platform and try to improve everything, but the Disqus WordPress plugin unable to display Comments on the Posts or just display same comments on every posts Well as far now I m Ocmments with the new Design and new Platform but the Disqus comments did take a time to get fixed, well the problem was actually pretty small, but I guess you might have heard it is the small things that takes time then the big things.

You’ve got the latest and greatest! What am I missing? This is exactly what I was just talking about and having a dilemma over thesiz very week!

jetpack comments thesis

Mark Leach markmleach August 13, at 4: You see just how easy it is to control multiple areas of your blog without sacrificing speed or quality search engine optimization? So glad you found it useful. I guess I better take a quick trip to the support forum and see if I can get some help over there. Current Thesis 2 Version Thesis 2. Hm, sorry I just saw this comment, contact me I will try to help you out. Usman Khurshid August 26, at Feel free to ask any questions you may have or request tutorials.


Your tip works for me.

Usman Khurshid August 13, at 8: For some reason the dark theme is making that text white but I want it black. Have been trying to sort for weeks. And there you have it. This has been a top-requested feature, and it works very smoothly.

jetpack comments thesis

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time Ckmments comment. I understand that it can seem like he is speaking a foreign language to some.

Thank you so so much for this.

Hi Bojan Thanks for your tips. Any idea how to change the text color of the two lines: One site the comment will work, the other you click post comment and it does nothing. I also use Thesis and cannot get Jetpack comments to work. Thesis 2 Boxes List Updated: Even netpack frame is gorgeous.

Jetpack Comments: how to fix it | My view on e-World

Using Jetpack comments, people will be able to use their WordPress. Many different options to choose from.

Burger King expects about 75 more redesigned restaurants to be open and at the moment. Notice the built in color picker.

jetpack comments thesis

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