Provide a specific recommendation for action geared toward your audience. Librarians are available to help you find information for your assignments and to give tips on how to cite your sources. If you are taking classes online or at another JIBC campus and cannot make it to New West for an appointment, you can submit your paper via email. Feel free to print these out or stop by room CL on the New West campus to grab a printed copy. The thesis needs to focus your paper on a specific piece, aspect, or side of a general topic.

Provide a specific recommendation for action geared toward your audience. The tests are more stressful. Define your topic and write a research question. You also want to include statements about what communities are best served by this knowledge—where and for whom is the information most relevant? This reminds the reader of your point and allows the reader to evaluate how well you have developed and supported your point-of-view. Executive writing is different than academic writing! They will be reviewing your findings and looking at your recommendations.

And many postsecondary students are juggling work and school. What is the peer tutor writing program?

Thesis Statements

It is often the only source of information used by decision-makers to reach significant decisions. Your thesis statement articulates your position. For some assignments, students are not expected litrature take a point of view.

Sometimes it may even include a short list of sub-topics included in the paper. If the answer is yes to either question, you may be missing some important stages of the writing process: Any number of these limiting factors can be combined to make the thesis specific.

Your essay supports your rsview.


jibc literature review

Selkirk College More information on Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies Approaching a study session or a test situation requires preparation, repetition, a plan or strategy, and confidence that you will be successful. Re-state the assignment or topic.

Define your topic and write a research question. Focuses on a specific topic — your argument or problem as stated in your thesis Compiles the research that has been published on the topic by recognized scholars and researchers Informs the reader about the current concepts and state of research on the topic and any controversies Describes the pros and cons of particular studies and may suggest areas for further research Organizes the citations thematically into a narrative that can serve as the introduction to your report or that can be an individual essay.

Gaps in the research so far? Many students find that learning in a postsecondary institution is challenging!

jibc literature review

Identify a scope that is feasible considering the length of paper assigned. Printer, photocopier, and fax services are available for a nominal fee.

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Are there other contexts that need to be examined? This is the most important part of your Executive Summary. The main purpose of this report is to… The main objectives of this report are … It is the purpose of this document to ….

Be sure to include the following information in the email request: Knowledge deficits are crucial to literature reviews—such deficits are usually spoken about in terms of effects on particular populations, gaps in the research, and other contexts where the research could be useful.

Statements of fact that need no further support or proof. A question Instructors do not want you to raise questions in your thesis; they want you to provide answers.


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Instructors especially do not want to see rhetorical questions questions that either have no answer or have literatrue answers and are made only to argue a point, not to provide insightful analysis that leads to answers. Instructors do not want to read through points that are already common knowledge. If you are not able to meet face to face provide a Skype user name for correspondence.

Search for information on your research question, keeping a research log of terms you used in your search. Article X a Summarize the article when and how was the study done, what was its key focus, etc.

Here are some jjibc links to help you with writing. In addition, the Library provides access to eResources such as eJournals, eBooks, article databases, streaming media, case law, legislation, codes, and standards.

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Feel free to print these out or stop by room CL on the New West campus to grab a printed copy. It needs to be about what the audience instructor or maybe classmates will take seriously or care about. All Access Landing page layout. The JIBC Library participates in AskAwayan online chat reference service that allows students to contact teview BC post-secondary librarian during regular hours, in addition to evenings and weekends.

A request is then sent on your behalf out to the peer writing tutors to see who may be available.

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