We have learned well enough how easily the German forests can be devastated by Swiss and Italians driving gas-guzzling roadsters fueled by leaded gas the Europeans are far behind the Americans in controlling lead. Although he doesn’t outright say so, I think Barber also realizes the difficulty there, which would go some way toward explaining why the book is relatively pessimistic about the prospects for a functional democracy returning anytime soon. It is motivated by pro ts and Such a nation, even if it cultivates the will to a constructive and benevolent interdependence, will have a di cult time meeting its demands. The dynamics of the Jihad-McWorld linkage are deeply dialectical.

Can this renewed legitimacy be employed on behalf of international institutions dedicated to public rather than private goods? Yet total freedom from interference—the rule of private power over public goods—is another name for anarchy. A natural consequence of a centuries-old impulse to self-determination? I might also mention that this work apparently was adapted from a shorter piece, and it often shows. This is perhaps why majorities in all but a handful of ex-Soviet lands have been busy reelecting former Communist o cials usually wearing new party labels and carrying new ideological doctrines to their new democratic legislatures.

While Barber rightly points out that todays problems are international by nature such as terrorism, the environment, ill-gotten capital, global epidemics, weapon proliferation, and illegal immigration, his prescription for a confederation of world democratic governments is interesting concept; but how is a Confederation of democracies different from the UN, NATO, or the EU?

Economic strength in the era of Mworld has passed to the domain of services, and here new and distinctive measures of leadership have emerged quite separate from the traditional industrial sector. That middle section on Jihad though, just feels really poorly supported, and uninformed about some of the things he derides.

Nike has thus acquired a conscience.

Analysis of Jihad vs. McWorld Article Written by Benjamin Barber – Book Report/Review Example

It’s well and good to suggest this, but something else mcworlc to suggest a method of accomplishing this. The rst military front must be prosecuted, both because statemdnt outraged and wounded American nation demands it and because terrorists bent on annihilation will not yield to blandishments or inducements.

They become obsessed with their identity and group and often violent towards outsiders. I didn’t care for his insistence that “Jihad” could be made to mean literally any cultural expression at all. Thus the ancient war cry of old and tbesis capitalists alike: This page was last edited on 5 Marchat We have learned well enough how easily the German forests can be devastated by Swiss and Italians driving gas-guzzling roadsters fueled vx leaded gas the Europeans are far behind the Americans in controlling lead.


Relevant even 10 years after publication. They produce their contraries and need one another. In the years since the book’s initial publication, I think it’s become increasingly clear that McWorld’s mindset has replaced a democractic mindset in the U. It has been assiduously cultivated. Was it ever any more innocent than the children of every nation are innocent?

jihad vs mcworld thesis statement

Jun 09, Justin Dell rated it really liked it. Following September 11, global governance has become a sober mandate of political realism.

It responds directly to the resentments and spiritual unease of those for whom the trivialization and homogenization of values is an a ront to cultural diversity and spiritual and moral seriousness. There may be radical trade de cits among trading partners but only a handful of nations are even part of the calculation. The market imperative has in fact reinforced the quest for international peace and stability, requisites of an e cient international economy, without improving the chances for civic responsibility, accountability, or democracy, which may or may not bene t from commerce and free markets and which, although it depends on peace, is not synonymous with it.

I underscore the importance of these new market hyperrealities here for two reasons: They are not even particularly antiAmerican; rather, they suspect that what Americans understand as prudent unilateralism is really a form of arrogant imperialism, that what Americans take to be a kind of cynical aloofness is really selfabsorbed isolationism, and that what Americans think of as pragmatic alliances with tyrannical rulers in Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are really a betrayal of the democratic principles to which Americans claim to subscribe.

The struggle of Jihad against McWorld is not a clash of civilizations but a dialectical expression of tensions built into a single global civilization as it emerges against a backdrop of traditional ethnic and religious divisions, many of which mcaorld actually created by McWorld and its infotainment industries and technological innovations. I can accept that there are some similarities between some of these cultural aspects, and their effect on the nation-state can be similar to that of “McWorld”, but the author takes the point too far.


Until recently this sector has been regarded as the engine of all developed economies.

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He further posits that McWorld could ultimately win the “struggle”. The war against Jihad will not, in other words, succeed unless McWorld is also addressed. Although I myself tend to be an ardent proponent of free-market globalization, he does bring up interesting points in that the media industrial complex sole purpose is to grow and make profits to that end it does not look toward “good cultural values” that most Americans profess to.

You must drink because it makes you feel your choice: Yet the Western powers were content to return Kuwait to oil production without inducing mcsorld to become more democratic.

Jihad vs. McWorld

I think the whole alternative clean-energy movement is a great thing in America. Add to that social media’s general shrinking of the world and expanding of our ability to socialize.

jihad vs mcworld thesis statement

Only the competing need to gather a coalition to underwrite its antiterrorist military strike compelled the American government nally to pay its UN dues and to commit to modest amounts of simple humanitarian aid that should have been a function of normalcy the United States still devotes a smaller percentage of its GNP to foreign aid than any other developed nation in the world.

Although this is great in terms of American cultural mcworlx.

Further east, tourists seeking a piece of old Russia that does not take them too far jiuad MTV can find traditional Matryoshka nesting dolls that t one inside the other featuring the nontraditional visages of from largest to smallest Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Boy George, Dave Stewart, and Annie Lennox.

The rub, then, is to extend structures like those that exist at home to the international sphere.

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