Spreading the word about how the JMU community is changing lives. Nobody who worked with Bob ever had to deal with this problem because his mood was always upbeat and unvarying. Many thanks to the students who participated, the judges who volunteered their time, the parents and family members who attended, and the faculty and staff who supported the event. Since I began by quoting a baseball hall of famer, it seems quite fitting that I conclude by referencing Yogi again here at the end. These positions are among the most prestigious in the business education arena, and ones that are not held by — or even aspired to — by most deans.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You can read more about the impact of the Madison Quotient on job prospects for students at: I know who the student is, but I will only tell you that this blogger is a COB student, and that he or she — no clues! Students learn many skills, such as working in teams, negotiating, managing conflict, running a meeting and making effective presentations. While I was pondering what to blog about this morning, Phil DuBose, professor of management in the College of Business, walked into my office. This competition marked the 11th year for the annual event. Bob Reid talks with a student.

COB 300 Business Plan Competition

This showcase event gave students the opportunity to present their business cases to a distinguished panel of judges and provided them an excellent opportunity to experience presenting business proposals in a real-world setting.

It has also become a rite of passage for JMU business students. Phil and I started talking about summer and jobs and business. But Bob made the process easier by modeling the behavior that he expected from others. Cov remember walking into class on the first day and feeling anxious about what to expect. James Madison University shared an album.


jmu cob 300 business plan competition

He has also served the university as department head, associate dean for academic affairs and director of accreditation, which, he says, is how he wound up working closely with Bob for 15 years. The five final teams were selected during two rounds of judging by panels consisting of College of Business alumni and business professionals who reviewed and rated the plans.

This site uses cookies. I was extremely fortunate to be apart of a hard xompetition and dedicated team. Done well, the blog should pan increase the effectiveness of the course by offering tips, perspectives from the inside and encouraging words. Spreading the word about how the JMU community is changing lives.

Resume Portfolio Business Plan Competition.

jmu cob 300 business plan competition

I can say with confidence that he definitely understands the relationship between watching and observing because I certainly observed a lot when I watched Bob. COB’s home, Showker Hall. Now sections are offered a semester, with class sizes averaging around 24 students.

It is very time consuming. She inspires me to work pln and shoot for my dreams. Students, in teams of five or six, spend an intensive semester creating a business plan — not unlike how the real world does things. Bob Reid talks with a student. Last minute, my mom was able to make the trip down from New Jersey to support me.

Cultivating the Entrepreneur Spirit

This request was not as simple as it might seem because a department head is primarily responsible for his or her unit. Pitching our product to the panel of JMU alumni judges.


Now imagine attempting to create a business with three strangers — that takes a lot of trust and work to make it happen. One student helping other students. It was one of the best days of my life and something I will always look back on and cherish. It was nerve racking to present in front of a room of over people and the panel of JMU alumni judges.

To be accepted into The College of Business at James Madison University, students are required to complete ten prerequisite courses and participate in the COB program. He has been — and continues to be — highly regarded by virtually everybody with whom he comes in contact.

James Madison University – Cultivating the Entrepreneur Spirit

As dean, business asked people to take their jobs seriously, but not to take themselves too seriously. Unlike many other courses, COB is not about sitting and taking notes but rather is about doing. COB is not easy. Since I began by quoting a baseball hall of famer, it seems quite fitting that I conclude by referencing Yogi again here at the end. The course fits into a very specific niche and is offered by very few schools. Their business plan was to sell kinetic phone cases through lithium ion cells.

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