Emma at 9: And clearly you suck at this. They look so good!!! Elena at My dad just called and wanted to know if he could borrow one of your pearl necklaces. It has saved me from a dire university term! Julia T at

Yes, I’m a beauty duh brain who doesn’t know that beauty products run in seasons too. These are all really cool! Ah I never win these things but I love makeup and am too broke to afford it so I might as well try again. Stephanie at Francesca Harrod at 9:

Clara Canepa at 1: How nice of you to give these things away! Kitenka at 9: Leigh at Arianna at Actually you were a big help sepech.

Second, Joey reuses the same words over and over again. I thought we screwed you up so bad this day would never come.

Watch Joey’s Friends speech from Joey

Liena at 2: Did I not make that clear? Celia at Oooohhh… I would love to have and receive any one of these sets. Clea at 2: Joanne K at 2: Ffi ffi at Annabelle at Can I have another one?


joeys wedding speech friends giving and receiving

If he was trying to convince an audience of the love that Monica and Chandler share, he would have to have a written a much different speech. He does that, I’ve seen him. Once again, I pronounce you husband and wife.

RCL8: Giving and Receiving Speech

I mean, look at yours. Annie at Nisi speevh Love your blog and your sense of style. Okay, are we done with that?

joeys wedding speech friends giving and receiving

However, his speech did make for great comedy as the writers wanted so it did accomplish one thing. Oh, yes yes yes please. COM make up arsenal need to stockpileeeee. Will make my make-up addicted nieces very happy with one of these.

RCL8: Giving and Receiving Speech

Rebecca Sammon at Joyce at 3: Would love any of the above items! Yeah, I’m marrying my best friend.

joeys wedding speech friends giving and receiving

Shauna at Although, I think we may be seeing a little too much of some people. I can never afford the nice stuff.

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