It rules us, we do not rule it. What society accepts as good is good, and what society takes for bad must be bad. When Lady Windermere resists his request to leave her husband she does exactly what he unknowingly expects her to do. All his life he tried to adapt himself to society and wanted to become an accepted part of it. But then in the progression of the play she is being tested on her goodness. Into your world evil has never entered.

Unconsciously she begins to free herself from the nonage that determines her life up to the point when Mrs Erlynne enters it. Lady Windermere fascinates him with her stern nature of an uncompromising moralist. Lady Windermere feels deeply humiliated and hurt but does not have the courage to insult Mrs Erlynne in front of everybody as she announced to do before. The main topics of the play are the maternal duty of a mother towards her child and adultery. She feels guilty and deeply regrets her action.

Lady Windermere feels deeply humiliated and hurt but does not have the courage to insult Mrs Erlynne in front of everybody as she announced to do before. In fact the entire play gives the impression to be a very unrealistic imitation on life.

Marriage is nothing but a game. Puritans believed in self-determination, that each has the ability to do good. She might have hard-and-fast rules for her life but most of the things she says sound immature sophomoric and ill-conceived. Yet he never succeeded in doing so. Once led astray, she was the fallen woman, and nothing could reconcile that till she died. Already in the first act the audience gets a clear picture of what Lady Windermere is like and how she thinks about life.


The relationship of the two women is very peculiar.

Only because of the appearance of Mrs Erlynne it becomes necessary for her to question her own moral standards and only because of her she sees herself confronted with a situation that probably would never have occured otherwise in her life. They met the conventions of the time and due to that draw lively portraits of the British society in which Wilde lived.

Lady Windermere will never get to know the truth about her mother and her mother succeeds in her plan to reenter society. The two women are trapped. Furthermore she is married and has a two year old child. She shares Puritan values and is a young, beautiful lady who lives her life as a strict upholder of moral standards.

They have their stereotyped smile, and their fashionable manner. Women had to be held accountable, while the men could not really be blamed for it. But instead of defending himself he begins to defend the woman and she only receives threadbare explanations as an answer for it.

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He claims to love her but in fact the only thing he loves about her is that he cannot have her. Right at the beginning of the play the audience is confronted with Lady Windermere and everything one gets to know about her is highly positve: Consequentially they were of relatively slight laady to him.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

Lady Windermere as a young idealistic bride though believes in an equal law of fidelity for both husband and wife. His intention was to indulge his audience and to mock it at the same time. In her conversations with Lord Darlington she displays more sense windermerse reality than one would trust her to have and she proves to the audience that she is not as ignorant as her husband assumes her to be.


Society simply was not ready for his talent and art yet. In this scene it becomes most evident how selfish and self-righteous Lady Windermere really is.

Mine is my mother. It aimes to give a comprehensive analytical editing ladh the topic and to present its questiions in detail. At the beginning she is a stiff, narrow-minded Puritan who can tell exactly what is right and what is wrong.

She is not as confident about herself as before and now see the necessity of compromises in life.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

He is the exact opposite of her. That is why he lets himself be blackmailed by Mrs Erlynne, that is why windermerees lies to her about her mother.

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The play ends in supposedly harmony. Anglistik – Literatur Women in the Victorian Era. Stuttgart,I. Nevertheless Lady Windermere is an intelligent, young woman. It was 1 right in the time when Queen Victoria reigned in Great Britain.

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