Law enforcement If a breach broke the law we could be fined, face restrictions or directors face imprisonment. Personal data – There is a known external demand for personal data especially financial i. Audience Owner Contacts This policy applies to all third parties and staff, including contractors, More information. Older equipment needs to be maintained well. Openwork s Information Security Policy

No A15 Staff – Management 1. As they may not know how to send information our way they will need more structure and guidance. ISO s and Objectives A. Rules for the development of software and systems shall be established and applied to developments within the organization. Responsible Lead Executive Director: New systems will be more complex and possibly harder to support. Not agreed MD Signed..

Our customers information needs to remain accurate and complete, identifying ownership of sales documents helps prevent unauthorised editing.

ldcc case study

Historically our company has been sales driven, the need to bring in work has outweighed other considerations such as confidentiality. This should all be rectified now with the new access control procedure. We have had power cuts due to local power demand increases that have interrupted mains power new building and expanding businesses: Historically we have had high turnover in staff and this means staff could take data with them on departure.

Manage budgets and other documentation 4. As Data Cleansing is a current outsourced process, this naturally causes our clients concerns around Confidentiality and Integrity.


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Data suppliers may not trust us with marketing lists. Company or Trading Name: Media containing information shall be protected against unauthorized access, misuse or corruption during transportation. This could affect confidentiality.

ldcc case study

Scores below 40 will not be prioritised for risk treatment these will be right indented in the cell and if a risk treatment plan is created will be identified as lowest priority. Policy Procedure Information security policy Policy number: Overview This casr sets out the requirements expected of third parties to effectively protect BBC information. Backups would also be needed. Data protection A practical guide to IT security Ideal for caze small business The Data Protection Act states that appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or.

Lake Dale Contact Centre Case Study

Processes have not been documented because of their retention and ownership by senior individuals only. Many skills and decision making authorities are restricted to a very few senior staff who know each other very well, this has led to a competence and documentation gap through informality. Objectives What is Information Security?

ldcc case study

A formal user access provisioning process shall be implemented to assign or revoke access rights for all user types to all systems and services. These policies define The University of Brighton business objectives More information.

It is understood that when some of our competitors are under pressure for new revenue, they may be more likely to illicit sources of information on our customers from our key employees. This may leave them more vulnerable to bribery and corruption. Business Assurance Guidelines Information Security: Appropriate procedures shall be implemented to ensure compliance with legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements related to intellectual property rights and use of proprietary software products.


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Some of our systems are old and due to be replaced. Organization s culture Governance, organization and roles and responsibilities These documents should not be used as guides for developing management system documentation. The loss of a key member of staff with the customer data they have access to could impact us heavily. The professional reputation of the company and its management could be questioned if we had a breach.

Equipment shall be correctly maintained to ensure its continued availability and integrity. Date s of Evaluation: As they may not know how to send information our way they will need more structure and guidance.

September Contents Page 1. Secure Research Database Analyst.

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