New Life Aidan Kapasiawala: Sunday, March 10, Revision: War of the Worlds: Get your practice answers into us during lesson time over the next couple of weeks and we’ll mark it and give you final feedback – it could make the difference and help you get the grade you need! The Media department will be open on the following days: Introduction to Radio 2 Radio:

As promised, we’ve put together a short glossary of these terms just in case one comes up in a question in the upcoming exams. Further feminist theory 3 Learner response: We now have confirmation that we are able to open Media for two days in the Easter holidays to complete or improve A Level coursework. This process is clearly excellent revision for the Media PPEs coming up in the next couple of weeks as well as the summer exams in June. The most important aspect of any mock exam is making mistakes and learning from them.

MEST 2 (AS COURSEWORK) – Media Oyster

OSP assessment 4 Videogames: It’s a major event in the Greenford calendar and tickets have completely sold out for each of the last FIVE years. As promised, we’ve put courrsework a short glossary of these terms just in case one comes up in a question in the upcoming exams.

mest 2 media coursework

With a new specification this is even more important and remember we’re learning from this process too. New Life Aidan Kapasiawala: Remember, the most important aspect of any mock exam is making mistakes and learning from them.


Macguffin – Year 13

Women in videogames 2 Videogames: This also means you if you have missed anything you can catch up with the work and notes and won’t underperform in PPEs or exams corsework to gaps in your knowledge. Sunday, March 17, Media Awards Henry Jenkins – fandom and participatory culture 7 Videogames: It’s one week until the Media Awards and we’ve had an incredibly difficult job narrowing down some amazing work to finalise the nominations for Introduction to Radio 2 Radio: You need to complete a final exam blog index to ensure you have completed all the work for our in-depth Videogame CSPs.

mest 2 media coursework

Friday 5 April Raising Achievement Day for lower school: This is what’s coming up in the exams: Rock and a Hard Place Natasha Bantleman: War of the Worlds High School Teen Saira Abubacker: Sunday, May 19, Additional terminology: We are now at the end of our final targeted CSPs unit: Your Radio index should include the following three tasks: You may also want to look over the two introductory units from the start of Year Girl of the Sun Rhea Vargawal: Our Media Factsheet archive is on the Media Shared drive: In the weeks leading up to the broadcast, American radio stations had increasingly cut into scheduled ,est to bring news updates from Europe on the mmedia of war.


Posted by Mr Halsey at 8: The vital date for your diaries: CSPs final index We now need to create a final index of all our indexes – one for each of the nine media types. It is a story of alien invasion and war between mankind and an extra-terrestrial race from Mars.

When we return after Easter, we will be marking and moderating coursework before sending it to AQA. The broadcast begins with a music performance that is increasingly interrupted by breaking news of martians invading New Jersey. Coursewok is a huge achievement to complete all the content for the new specification A Level Media Studies – well done!

mest 2 media coursework

War of the Worlds: Friday emdia April Good luck! This meant Welles’s use of radio news conventions had more of an impact on listeners who were unaware that it was a fictional radio play.

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