Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik Elektro Vol. Widiyawati research regarding the development of devices based science learning creative problem solving indicates that the device is quite effective at increasing scientific literacy and meta knowledge of junior high school students. Creative of Inovation Managemen Vol. The result showed that the students’ cognitive abilities for both classes equally increased by the moderate category. This development changes the way of working, a way of thinking, and a way to interact, and it even changes cultural values that exist around us. American Psychological Association Vol.

This can be done through applying creative problem solving learning model. Pomalato study shows that the use of CPS model can enhance the creativity of mathematics students in grade 2 of junior high school in Gorontalo. The more information related to the problems available,the more students can be creative and innovative in solving problems. What knowledge is of most worth: There are many reasons why many students do not love learning science. This kind of learning gives students chance not to be afraid of being wrong, because creating something new often starts by making fault.

Nevertheless, they still hope that learning natural science IPA at schools can be presented in an interesting, efficient, and effective way Depdiknas, Students are not accustomed to develope their potency of thinking. The first stage is the stage of development of divergent functions. Rise of new media and technologies used by students in everyday life can creatie the means to study subject creatively and innovatively both in formal and informal learning; 2.

Testing solutions in the design of experiments can yield expected or even different result. Care, Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills hal. Berorientasi Standar Proses Pendidikan.


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On the other hand, this does not mean that being wrong is the same as being creative, but by creatkve that the result is wrong, too, is one of the possible results of the experiment. Bad stigma on making fault is that it is the worst thing the students do. The different result means that the solution offered is “wrong”. The spirit of five solvig observing, asking, exploring, associating, communicating is appropiate to the teaching of creative problem solving.

metode creative problem solving (cps)

What knowledge is of most worth: The research sample group of 58 high school students who are divided into two classes class 29 experimental and 29 control group. Draft White Paper 1: These conditions make the students more likely to memorize factual information.

In shorts, the creativity is generating ideas and innovation is the application of the ideas in action Gurteen, Keywords creative problem solving; experiment; cognitive ability; eksperimen; kemampuan kognitif. Journal of Knowledge Management. How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education.

In the second step, exploring the data, students collect data and information related to the case. Design of collaborative learning with creative problem-solving process learning activities in a ubiquitous learning environment to develop creative thinking skills.

First phase emphasizes on suppression openness to new ideas and possibilities. Creativity is a form of knowledge creation, therefore stimulating creativity has a positive effect on learning, support and meyode self-learning, as well as improving the skills and competences of longlife learning.


Kunci Sukses Implementasi Kurikulum Creative problem solving emphasizes on creativity in solving problems that train and facilitate students how to be creative and innovative. In this theory, creativity and innovation belongs to the group of ways of thinking. Creativity is divergent thinking, whereas innovation is the convergent thinking.

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Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation. For the creative thinking skills of students in problem solving, experimental class increased by categories was increased while the control class with low category.

Authentic Assessment for Creativity as a 21st Century Pedagogy.

Untuk keterampilan berpikir kreatif dalam pemecahan masalah siswa, kelas eksperimen mengalami peningkatan dengan ketegori sedang sedangkan kelas kontrol meningkat dengan kategori rendah. Sternberg and Lubart McLean, argue that “creativity as the ability to produce work that is both novel ie, original, unexpected and appropriate ie, useful, adaptive concerning task constraints. At the first step, constructing opportunities, students get a case of the problem given by the teacher.

Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik Elektro Vol.

metode creative problem solving (cps)

The emphasis is more on analytical thinking. Although creativity and innovation are two different skills, Binkley found both can logically be grouped together in a single assessment. In this case, teacher’s job is to facilitate the learning process and to make knowledge more meaningful and relevant to students.

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