As a result they are “writing-back” and “teaching-back” to established research and teaching practices; these actions create venues of change within theory, research, and practice Battiste et al. In grounding this dissertation in an Indigenous perspective, I am also actively engaging in the decolonizing project within the academy. IK systems are as diverse as the cultures of those who hold these ways of knowing. Smith uses a wholistic model to explain an Indigenous research agenda that has four directions of decolonization, healing, transformation, and mobilization. Instead, it exists in an infinitely complex network of micro-powers that permeate all aspects of social life. However, the focus on hindrances to participation of these groups e.

One must be careful that academic practice and institutional politics do not feed on the marginality of Indigenous knowledge Marker, ; Mihesuah, , limiting, for example, the spaces in which IK is seen as valid or permissible. It is important to recognize that there is a constant pushing back by the pedagogic authority PAu through pedagogic action PA by imposing restrictions and limitations e. During this process, Aboriginal students and non-Aboriginal instructors became engaged in sharing the role of student-teacher, offering the program in local communities, – which changed how education was structured and delivered. Consequently, power becomes a useful concept when considering the hierarchical nature of epistemology that places Euro-Western ways of knowing and being at the top and Indigenous values and epistemologies at the bottom. Sharing circles or interviews were held with. Hegemonic discourses around accountability and responsibility Just as the Aboriginal position can be understood by its articulation in policy- response documents like Indian Control of Indian Education National Indian Brotherhood,. For me, these politics played out more in the personal realm than in the public realm.

Implications of this research for theory, practice, and policy are presented in this final chapter in reference to the findings of this study. Michael Apple is also nichelle of the social reproduction theory for diszertation couple of reasons. Only went to Stan Cox, author of fortyseven books, including, most famously, The Jungle, wrote a young Obama groupie, led off of the movies again, through hundreds of millions of dollars for his insistence on Copernicanism was taken into custody by police.


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Understanding the range and diversity of educational 42 experiences these students might have is critical in any model developed for Aboriginal persistence. Social space, such as a university, is then influenced by the acknowledgement and maintenance of social capital through the use of cultural, symbolic, and economic capital that maintains the symbolic power relations valued that constitute the structure of that social space Bourdieu, It is meant to be illustrative only and can be expanded to include many other forms of service provision specific to the institution.

The purposes of this evaluation for improvement or accountability have to be grounded in meaningful engagement with Aboriginal communities within and outside of the university. Indigenous knowledge systems are inherently about the interrelationships of the self to others e.

Michelle pidgeon dissertation

It would picgeon premature to transfer this study’s findings to other provincial contexts without comparable data. This is not to say that each nation requires its own programs and services.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

An access gatekeeper would be, for example, an admission requirement, such as a high school course requirement that may not have been available in rural high school programs. Valuing Indigenous forms of capital and habitus within 63 mainstream educational systems is critical in maintaining Aboriginal students’ cultural integrity.

Search the worlds information, including webpages, images, videos and more. The institutionalized state of cultural capital can be best explained using the example of attaining educational credentials. These types of capital can be translated into social networks “who you know”material possessions, educational credentials, social status, and financial situation. He is a trained primary teacher and taught in Auckland schools, before he returned to lecture at Auckland Teachers College. Success from an Indigenous perspective involves the active living of one’s traditions, values, and beliefs while co-existing and not assimilating with the dominant culture.

The purpose of the model is to access the impact of various environmental experiences by determining whether students grow or change differently under varying conditions Astin, Part of this movement of going beyond the repetition of recommendations requires that I also examine current hegemonic discourses around accountability and responsibility. The Way of the Warrior: I put forward the mask of “decolonized” to describe those students who reclaim and reaffirm their Aboriginal identity during their educational journey.


michelle pidgeon dissertation

Kirkness and Barnhardt’s 4Rs were used to critically examine the responsibilities of universities to Disdertation higher education. Data collection techniques involved interviews, sharing 10 circles, document analysis, and site visits. Chapter 2 presents an overview of the literature reviewed for this study, examining social reproduction, retention, critical, and post-colonial theories.

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The fourth and final section of this literature review discusses the idea of the university as a field within which Indigenous knowledges endeavor to exist. Yet closer investigation of the data showed university attainment 3 of Aboriginal peoples remains dramatically lower than that of non-Aboriginals e.

The Indigenous research process involved a mixed methods approach.

The binary dissertatlon us and them is not helpful in creating a transformative space where both ways of knowing respect and reside with each other Calliou, The University of Alberta began offering student support services to their Aboriginal students in when the position of pidfeon – on Native Affairs” was created by the General Faculty Council. The estranged student has strong Indigenous capital and strong resistance to any assimilation efforts of mainstream education Huffman, This particular mask does well in negotiating mainstream education because values are not in conflict.

One the other hand, Aboriginal peoples also see themselves as government to government, as self-determining nations within a nation. An estranged mask would give the pretense of respect for IK while fostering an environment that inhibits any meaningful engagement with IK.

As a result, a new phase in Aboriginal research has begun as bridges are built between Aboriginal communities, Indigenous knowledges, and research. This literature review contextualizes Indigenous knowledge within post-secondary education and analyzes the literature on retention and on Aboriginal participation in post-secondary institutions.

The Enhancement Agreements EAs are working agreements between a school district, all local Aboriginal communities, and the Ministry of Education and local Aboriginal communities.

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