Use only the year for books and journals; use the year, a comma, and the month or month and day for magazines; use the year, a comma, and the month and day for newspapers. Objectives of the thesis or dissertation option The objectives of the thesis option include: Revitalizing Universities in Africa: The paragraphs should not be indented. Give the authors name, if available.

Website, for electronic case reports. The cover page should bear the title of the dissertation in capitals of 14 font size, 4cm from the upper margin, which will be embossed in gold, and which will be centered, see attached sample – Appendix I ii Title page: For a book, list the city of publication and the country or postal abbreviation for the state if the city is unfamiliar , 12 followed by a colon, and the publishers name, dropping Inc. The courses may be taken at MzumbeUniversity or at any other approved institution. Author named in a signal phrase Generally, use the authors name in a signal phrase to introduce the cited material and place the date in parentheses immediately after the authors name.

mzumbe thesis guidelines

The cover page should bear the title of the dissertation guideilnes capitals of 14 font size, 4cm from the upper margin, which will be embossed in gold, and which will be centered, see attached sample – Appendix I ii Title page: Why do I need the E-learning System? Guidelines for writing thesis technical reports 2 Engineering. An abstract is a concise but comprehensive summary of the entire work. Introduction or problem setting Chapter II: Enclose the date in parentheses.


Year in which the case was reported 3.

guidelines for Thesis writing

Technical or research reports and working papers Wilson, K. Note, however, that for manuscripts submitted to journals, APA guidelined the reverse first lines indented, subsequent lines flushed leftassuming that the citations will be converted by a typesetting to a hanging indent.

For books and articles, capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle and any proper nouns or proper adjectives. The quotations should be single spaced, and should be in italics.

Mzumbe University Thesis Writing Guidelines For Students

Quotations of more than four lines are indented and aligned four spaces from the left margin. Kelly85 D.

Life-span development and behaviour Vol. Creative Computing, 8, Capitalize all first words in a periodical title, e. Historical statistics of the United States, colonial times to Mzumbe University Student Guideline.

If you want to omit some words in the middle of a sentence being quoted, it should be indicated by three dots. For newspapers and for articles or chapters thesks books, include the abbreviation p, page or pp. Learning and development through social interaction. For document from databases or other scholarly projects, give the city of the publisher or sponsoring organisation, followed by the name.


The text in these tables should be singlespaced.


Guidelines for Writing a Research Proposal: List works by the same author in chronological order, separated by commas Gilligan,Guideelines and other personal communication Cite any personal letters, email, electronic bulletin-board correspondence, telephone conversations, or interviews with the persons initial s and last name.

Do not write the name of a country for place of publication but instead use cities or towns Periodicals1. Exceptions to this rule include: Application form mzumbe university chuo kikuu mzumbe Cell: Two or more authors Newcombe, F.

mzumbe thesis guidelines

Start your list on a separate page after the text of your document but before any mzumve or notes. This section presents the specific pages of where the tables and figures are located in the document.

mzumbe thesis guidelines

Later citations use CDC, Presentation of findings Chapter V: Note, however, that APA recommends not including personal communications in the reference list.

Research in the Teaching of English, Organisation as author If the name of an organisation or a corporation is long, spell it out the first time, followed by an abbreviation or acronyms in brackets.

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