Please agree to both statements in order to sign up. Residency Match and Post-Graduation Accomplishments: We have absolutely no preference. So you’ve submitted your application. While the mornings are mostly taken up by lectures, afternoons on most weekdays are free for students to do as they please. She loves super sad drama television, cooking, and reading.

Feinberg also has its own student lounge with pool, foosball, table tennis, etc. There are ample opportunities to check out bars and restaurants, shopping and retail, concerts and music festivals, sporting events, and much more. Academics Choose the programs and opportunities to achieve your personal goals. As a way to deepen this focus on research, Feinberg mandates that students take on their own research projects as part of the Area of Scholarly Concentration AOSC program. However, it is possible to be removed from the program due to cheating, a lapse in academic integrity, a major ethical violation, etc. Want to learn more?

Application Requirements: Undergraduate Admissions – Northwestern University

While the mornings are mostly taken up by lectures, afternoons on most weekdays are free for students to hme as they please. Should you send any additional materials between now and admissions decision day?

While this is excellent news for prospective medical students who are looking to come to a school where they can succeed while cultivating a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle, it should be said that this could not be achieved without the dedicated investment and care that Feinberg puts into its students. Many HPME students choose to live abroad during gap years, conduct research abroad, teach, etc. Students must take required, core, school-specific courses in order to meet graduation requirements.


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When should you do this and how does it work? HPME is indeed almost like a home in this way; HPME students take many similar courses, have the same general northwestefn, and often even end up living with each other!

They must also complete all courses mandated by their major. Throughout the program, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3. Please note that auditions may have deadlines prior nothwestern those of the general application for admission. If selected, an applicant is notified.

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Only academic information is taken into consideration on the application request. Requesters who do not receive a program application are encouraged to consider traditional four year baccalaureate programs at Northwestern.

Academic Requirements, Program Facilitation, and Difficulty: Northwestern students enjoy the small-town vibe and relative isolation of the idyllic Evanston campus, but also take advantage of the nightlife, cultural diversity, and resources of a big city like Chicago.

We ask an intentionally open-ended question: Already have an account?

northwestern hpme essay prompt

The application processes to Northwestern and noorthwestern ISP are separate. Spend your summer break wisely, meaning find a good balance between enjoying your time off For students taking the ACT, we use the highest composite score that you choose to report.

Both Northwestern as an undergraduate institution and the FSM are ranked extremely high and have stellar academic reputations.

Everything you need to know about Northwestern University’s BS/MD Program

Incoming classes typically number around students. Read more application FAQs. Two musical selections up to hpmr in length. The locations of both Evanston and Chicago are extremely attractive as well. In addition to an application for undergraduate admission all undergraduate applicants to the Bienen School of Music must register for an audition with the Bienen School of Music.


northwestern hpme essay prompt

You should complete the study of one-variable differential and integral calculus before enrolling in ISP. See instructions and deadlines for the application process. After a series of essays, reporting of test scores, recommendations, etc. For those wondering which application to use: However, it is possible to be removed from the program due to cheating, a lapse in academic integrity, a major ethical violation, etc. The summer is a great time for students to explore potential academic interests or to delve into extracurricular activities that can help them determine whether an intended major is a subject area they really want As future doctors of this country, HPME students are held to the highest standards.

Feinberg also emphasizes Health and Society and Professional Development threads in its curriculum because it realizes that these elements are equally necessary for future doctors to morthwestern into their thought processes and decision-making. Residency Match and Post-Graduation Accomplishments:

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