Which we will use through out the week to quiz students on facts of the Middle Ages. Then a shorten class schedule for the rest of the day. Read about famous Greek buildings and then research one that your polis will create tomorrow in class for a Greek Challenge. Finally, do you want to earn a red ticket? Then continue to discuss social practices of China.

Abrams hebrew academy on music chapter 1 day ago a lot different now vibrant parts separated material. Flagstaff is very casual in vibe and npa flagstaff homework now. Then students will cut out paper in oval shapes and assemble a hill. Students will simulate being a history detective. Below is this short week at a glance. Using a PIE or Accordion paragraph students will explain the historical relevance and importance of their invention.

Will they give them a quiz, a worksheet or some other review source.

npa flagstaff homework now

Thursday, September 20th- Mesopotamia- Babylon. Look over many different Roman Myths, students will pick one and then take the myth and turn it into a cartoon.

npa flagstaff homework now

This week we have extended periods on Tuesday and Wednesday, which means students will attend 90 minute classes on these two days. Fill out flsgstaff rubric of what message the myths taught the Romans.

Begin to take notes on the Republic of Rome. Monday, October 1st- Wrap up Mesopotamia.


Flagstaf presentation about you project. Thursday, February 9th-Examine the map of Greece. Students will take an exam over China. Finally, students will create a image using legos and then draw that shape using contour lines.

npa flagstaff homework now

Homeework, September 26th- Religions and Gilgamesh. Students will become forensic anthropologist and make historical deductions about mummies. Homework- Finish the rest of the landforms with the post-it-notes. Have a great three day weekend!

They then will be given an commission to create a Roman Coin for one of the many emperors of Rome. Share your coat of arms in class.

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Then flagstafd on Index card for final. Basically, everything has been pushed forward from the snow days so below is the next two weeks of social studies. Finally finish labeling and coloring the map of Rome. Friday, November 2nd- Examine the map of Egypt and gods of the afterlife. Below is the next two week of the Greek Unit.

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Friday, October 19th — Pop quiz on map and read and annotate notes on your position in society. We will discuss credible websites to gather information for research, such websites could be: So, we will walk all 6th graders down to the park and pick-up will be between 2: Once notes are completed students then will play a game to see if then can correctly guess the 12 main gods from Mt.


Thursday, September 21st- Mesopotamia- Babylon. If you are not finished with 6 out of the 8 steps on the create a country project you may want to work a little on that over the weekend, it is due on Wednesday, August 29th.

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Students will receive a list of geographic terms for landforms, For each term they will write a definition, draw a picture and use that term is a sentence. Reading on Greek city-state, 2. It reviews all aspects of the Egypt unit.

npa flagstaff homework now

I would like to see your writing process. They will also discuss accomplishments of each of these civilizations. Students will discuss Buddhism. Examine the Hindu gods and goddess in the form of a pop quiz. Learn about two Europe Projects and pick one to complete by May 23rd.

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