They will fill in a research sheet, which will be due on Tuesday, January 17th. Watch video clip about Pompeii and begin to fill-in map of the Roman Empire. To Begin with, Kate is an excellent student a strong leader as well as a very kind person. If your student is interested I have some ideas for the projects, please have them let me know. First, have students give examples.

They will read about clothing of the ancient Greeks. Thursday, February 1st- Luck of the draw, Greek god. Did they bring the Hindu religion? After the powerpoint, we will go out side and play human battleship using lines of latitude and longitude on the outdoor basketball court. This week we have extended periods and will discuss the last project of sixth grade.

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Acker by Friday, February 8th for e. Then discuss Greek social classes and review some famous Greeks. Please leave the tri-fold board at home.

Next, students will begin to take notes on Buddhism, from a power point. Finally, students will write facts about this famous Greek. For the next three days, pairs of students will present to the class about the dynasty hhomework researched. With remaining time students will show there facts that they will put on their tri-fold board for the Invention Convention.

Homework- Summarize your Cornell notes on Babylonians, and continue to work on your Mini-Meso project. Next, students will r oll die in groups and decide who will be which role in the Egyptian hierarchy. Acker will add to these presentation if needed.


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Monday, December 10th — Finish Buddhism and complete a play about facts about Buddhist. Students will cut our and paste a time-line of Egyptian Pharaohs and Queen.

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Have a great Thanksgiving week. Then they will be introduced and discuss the Egyptian Projects. Inventions or other historical situations to teach the class in more detail about that person.

It would be great to have some 6th graders give it a try. Monday, April 2nd- Students will begin to discuss the structure of Roman government.

npa flagstaff homework now

Who is a Page or Squire? They will then watch a video clip about the Mycenaeans and discuss the Heroic Age. History of the invention is the first tlagstaff.

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There will be no homerooms for the next three days students will report in the class they are taking the final in each morning at 8: Students will present facts about flsgstaff Greek city state to the rest of the class.


Next, students will read a secondary source about how Hinduism began. If time remains discuss answer as a group. Students will draw the name of one of many Greek gods.

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Below is a glance at this week and next week. Labeling both ancient cities flagstff well as modern countries and cities. Then we will start to discuss cuneiform. Then compare these myths to historical facts about the Roman Kings. Students will continue taking Cornell notes about topography and contour lines. Students will become forensic anthropologist and make historical deductions about mummies.

Also make sure to bring in homewlrk dish to share or a sample of your spice for your classmates to smell or taste. Then, they will randomly draw one of ten dynasties on China. Then, write on a post-it-note, who won the game and have your opponent sign the post-it-note. After the rounds are over students will continue to gather research on their dynasty project.

npa flagstaff homework now

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