Make sure you put your last and first name in the appropriate boxes. Advanced Training completed 4. A minimum of 6 months in grade. All cadets have to take the Navy correspondence courses and pass Navy examinations to advance in rate. They must have a minimum time served in each rate before moving to the next higher rate.

Must be at least 16 years old 4. Do not print out the chapters, the BMR is over pgs 3. If you choose to turn it in at drill, you should have a copy in case it gets lost. The answers are in chronological order. The date your submit works in your favor if it takes long than a drill rotation for the coursework to get graded, you can follow up. Salute all officers and all colors and all standards not cased, is the 10th general order.

Step 1- cross of the box that is incorrect Step 2 – fill in the correct box Step 3- write the correct answer on the line next to the number. Who is the only person who can approve modfications to cadets’ uniforms? Once you start the assignment fill in the answer boxes completely. Pass Aswers Quiz at drill 3.

MARYLAND SSBN-738 Division

You are eligible to staff, after you have gone to POLA. PO1 Coursework provides subject matter related to the military qualifications of all first class petty officers. After you have printed your answer sheets make sure they are all properly filled out at the top. Here are the steps to do cursework coursework: The BMR has 15 Assingments, you want to make sure you label each so they get graded properly.


po3 coursework answers

The Basics for Cadets: Put them side by side on your desktop. BMR coursework completed 2.

Petty Officer Third Class (c/po3) Exam

An NSCC training is required to advance. PO3 coursework is designed for individual study rather than formal classroom instruction, the course provides basic information in regard to Petty Officers Answerrs and Second Class Naval Standards. Removing ad is a premium feature. Advanced Training completed 4.

All coudsework must be filled in. If you make a mistake: Provides information on U. The Seaman course focuses on the following subject matter: The CPO position is an honor and is granted only to the most deserving of Cadets.

lmmdseacadets | PO3 & PO2 Info

Time In Grade 3 months 5. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Put your answers on both the answer sheet and the assignments. Complete Military Requirements for Chief Petty Officer This is your final piece of coursework and there will be a test when it is completed. Make sure you put your last and first name in the appropriate boxes. You have not merely been promoted one grade, you have joined an exclusive fellowship and, as in all fellowships, you have ansswers special responsibility to your comrades, even as they have a special responsibility to you.


Pass PO1 Quiz at drill 3.

po3 coursework answers

Give the alarm incase of fire or disorder is the 12th general order. Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Must be at least 16 years old 4. So if you get stuck on 5 Look for 6 and then back track to find the answer to 5 between 4 and 6. You turn in the answer sheet but use the assignments to study for the quiz you will take at drill. Not because you are a E7 but because anwwers are now a Chief Petty Officer.

Pass PO3 Quiz at drill 3.

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