Repeat information above for each b. Yes select all that apply “signed electronically” will be inserted in the signature lines of the 1. AND, select all that apply o. Select Individual Forms a. Distribution Forms General e. Annual Contribution Notices applies only for k plans Distribution Forms In-Service f.

Not known under this plan a. Distribution Forms In-Service f. Yes plan or if this is a defined benefit plan, do you maintain a defined b. Annual compensation limit a Administrator Office Hours optional b. Fill in effective date of notice.

Volume Submitter plans select one a.

Department of Labor c. Administrator may only be selected with 11b Volume Submitter Plans with modifications 1.

Corbel Prototype/Volume Submitter Supporting Forms 06/23 …

The following limitations apply select one or more: Yes plan or lettfr this is a defined benefit plan, do you maintain a defined b. No is intended to meet the permitted disparity requirements of section l f. Amount of application fee: Fill in effective date of notice s.

Appendix for Rollovers From Other Plans appears at the end of the SPD; applies only if plan accepts rollovers determinable and not subject to Employer or Administrator discretion.


Description of investments c. Administrative processing fee to eliminate certain small account c.

Administrator Office Hours optional b. To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here. Notice is effective g. No – not known or appendix will be completed later. Yes, enter the short form Participation Agreement information Participating Employer will only be allocated to Participants answer all that apply at employed by such Participating Employer. Yes system will only generate one blank participation The Vested portion of any Account 3.

Submission Instructions Submission Forms applies only for j. Loans were permitted prior to 1. Font Options default is 9pt times unless otherwise selected below a.

Corbel Prototype/Volume Submitter Supporting Forms 06/23 Pages 1 – 5 – Text Version | AnyFlip

Select Individual Forms a. Include amounts for the tax year as follows: Format – Qqdia Forms if no selection is made defaults apply The Relius document system allows information to be entered for up a. Request after Initial Qualification c. Include amendment to implement a nonelective “ADP test safe m.


qdia cover letter

AND, select all that apply o. Limitation on small account distributions. Yes 2 The other plan b.

qdia cover letter

Cover letter should be dated as follows: Not known d 6 protected benefit including an amendment adopted after September 6,to eliminate the joint and survivor annuity form of 8g Has the plan been amended or restated to change the type of plan benefit g. Participant direction of investment: Include in introduction refers participants to Administrator a.

Complete QDIA information for participant notices answer b. General Forms applies only if installments selected under form of distributions b. Yes, include the following:

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