In so doing they reject the observations of many scientists including G. The paper [ ] neither proves nor disproves the Mpemba effect;’ Hot water may freeze faster than cold water’. H—O hydrogen bond is not fully reversible, and the described cooling curves have recently been challenged [ ]. He sought out an explanation for his findings from a visiting university professor, Dr. I learned that it is fun to make your own experiment out of theories and laws, and learn from your won mistakes, without just reading it out of a book. Faster Than Cold Water.

But Osborne agreed to help him and carried out similar tests under laboratory conditions back at the university. The Mpemba effect is then simply explained by the loss of nanobubbles in the hot water which are kinetically too slow to reform on cooling. It also misstates comments I have made concerning ice formation. For the past centuries, many curious men and women have found interesting ways to freeze water in short amounts of time. Indeed, it has been known for over a hundred years that the thermal history of a liquid has an effect upon the kinetics of phase transformations to its solid [ ]; although often this has been found to be the opposite to that found in water with preheating increasing the supercooling effect.

If your results don’t match your hypothesis, that’s perfectly okay! They are also covering our cups with papeer to be sure that the cups are insulated.

research paper mpemba effect

Make sure to thoroughly do your background research, formulate your hypothesis, and keep careful notes about your experimental design. Mpemba could not figure out how or why this effect was possible Jeng. Certainly, water behaves differently, and possesses a different structuring, at the same temperature depending mpembs whether it is being heated or cooled [ ].

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He heated the beakers slowly, and he also kept the beakers covered while heating, so that water that evaporated during heating would be returned to the beaker. What was the most important thing you learned? They think that the phenomenon people claim to observe mpemha actually a red herring caused by slight inaccuracies in measurement.

Guardian News and Media, 28 June Can you suggest any improvements or ideas? Today most scientists consider the Mpemba effect to be a real phenomena but the variability in results has sparked a great deal of debate over what specific conditions are needed to see the effect and why it occurs. After several observations, Professor Osborne conducted some of his own experiments of it and was astonished of the results.

research paper mpemba effect

eesearch You can use a plastic wrap to cover your beaker during the heating, although the heat can make it papfr very soft, and it could potentially fall off or into the beaker.

There have been many attempts to explain the Mpemba effect with supercooling often being cited. Inthere was a spike in interest among both researchers and the public when the Royal Society of Chemistry launched a public competition, challenging participants to explain its cause.

In this science project you will investigate the Mpemba effect for yourself. He published an example using two copper cups, each holding the same amount of water.

Background Research – Mpemba Effect

ArtSkills Trifold with Header. For example, when you pour hot water into a cup, the cup soon feels warm. Follow up papers for example [,] always have included the process of freezing within the Mpemba effect. Another idea is to use researc electronic thermometer with a remote temperature probe so you don’t have to open the freezer at all!

Investigating the ‘Mpemba Effect’: Can Hot Water Freeze Faster than Cold Water? | Science Project

New production believed to be responsible for increasing levels of outlawed ozone-depleting chemical. You can try things like not opening the door all the way whenever you measure the water temperature, and measuring as fast as possible without losing rwsearch.


I accidentally left a beaker in the freezer for longer than I intended. Chemists search for and use new knowledge about chemicals to develop new processes or mpemga.

Investigating the ‘Mpemba Effect’: Can Hot Water Freeze Faster than Cold Water?

Unfortunately, the Mpemba effect Hot water may freeze faster than mprmba water is not well formulated for precise testing as the temperatures are not stated nor is the amount of freezing.

Investigating the ‘Mpemba Effect’: Research China identified as source of unexpected rise in CFC emissions 22 May New production believed to be responsible for increasing levels of outlawed ozone-depleting chemical.

research paper mpemba effect

The graph shows data from six separate experiments a-feach with a different symbol: Heat can be transferred from one piece of matter to another by four different methods: In carrying out the experiment, he had one cup of hot water and one cup of cold water.

Many meat thermometers are very sensitive to how far into the meat they are inserted, and typically you should insert it about half way. He describes his discovery on YouTube. On a closer look, the Mpemba Effect is a phenomenon that happens when you receive a frozen product from freezing hot water. He advises, “To maintain a consistent air temperature be sure to keep the freezer door shut as much as possible” Walker, As the surfaces of nanobubbles are thought to be negative, such nanobubbles, with mpwmba extensive surface area are expected to increase supercooling.

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