Two to three months may be needed to obtain your language test scores. What I mean by that is that you do not have to take an exam in person or do any interviews or anything. If you do not hold the undergraduate degree required for the programme at the moment you accept the offer of admission, you must provide it by the time of your administrative registration beginning in June. Only complete application forms will be reviewed, and they must include the requested references by the deadline of the programme. If you already applied on a previous year, you must create a new application form. Admission decision Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application through their dashboard and by e-mail. Catarina Laranjeira Master in International Energy:

How can you contribute to the campus’s life? Updated Jan 27, Make sure to submit your application form by clicking on the Submit button. You can absolutely reuse the same information. Although I do plan to change other things like why a dual degree and why sciences po etc. The application reviewers read a lot of personal statements each day and appreciate those which have been carefully written and structured.

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Bear in mind that your referees receive many such requests. Basically, I think the 4 main points are to: The fit between the applicant’s career plans and the training sought is evaluated in order to ensure that the prospective student stands to gain the most from it. Make sure to submit your application form by clicking on the Submit button. If you come from a country using the CEF procedureplease note that you cannot apply to Statment Po through their system. Therefore, it is easy to do the degree entirely in English.


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Another important point is that Sciences Po peersonal high emphasis on extra-curriculars and not just academics. Do not choose someone only because of their title or position. In order to obtain quick, helpful and professional answers to any questions you may have concerning admissions, please make sure to contact the right person. It is important to us, and to the applicants, that we offer them the training and personzl framework that they need.

sciences po psia personal statement

If you already applied on a previous year, you must create a new application form. The references can be writen in French or English.

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If required, take the language tests as soon as possible. The World Bank, with funding from the Government of Japan, established the World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program for graduate studies in subjects related to social and economic development.

Start your application by filling in the reference section.

Updated Jan 27, If it’s so bad, why is Paris so well-known Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What’s it like to attend Sciences Po as psiq American? When applying to different programmes, you must write two personal statements in separate online spaces. Talk about your past. Choose your Programme s First of all, you should choose which programme s you wish to apply to.


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If you are declared admissible, personsl will go through an oral examination, in which sciemces will be asked to present an article from a newspaper. How can you contribute to the campus’s life? Make it sound like an obvious fit. However, I have one sop structured for the course can I use the introduction and other relevant experience in both the sops? You cannot use twice the same application form. Create an account, log in and fill your application: Mention how your interest developed, what you have done to pursue it and what your longer term goals are.

sciences po psia personal statement

You can absolutely reuse the same information. You must therefore take the necessary precautions in order to provide your results whilst respecting the deadlines.

You could also encourage her to regularly read the news and news analyses e. The most obvious advice I can give to your sister is that she get good grades statemetn high school.

sciences po psia personal statement

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