Medical schools in general require a minimum of 90 semester hours of college credit exclusive of military science and physical education, and most recommend that the student complete a baccalaureate degree. Each candidate for the B. A student may substitute the first year of regular medical or dental work taken in any standard, approved medical or dental school for 33 hours of the hours required for the Bachelor of Science degree provided that the following requirements are met:. Students are advised to begin taking humanities electives during the second semester of their freshman year. If that program is elected, the student should complete all of the basic University and college requirements for graduation during residence on the UA campus. Begin thinking early about research topics or creative work that you would like to pursue. Students in Fulbright College may aspire to membership in the following organizations:.

Some keys to success: In cases of unusually thorough preparation, or in the case of international students, exemption may be sought from the department of world languages. Students intending to obtain teacher licensure in Art or Music will follow the education requirements set forth in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees, respectively. Hours earned in another school or college at UA, Fayetteville, may be used to satisfy this requirement with approval of appropriate faculty curriculum committee. After majors and minors are listed, other programs of study, such as pre-professional programs are listed.

Students should review individual departmental requirements to verify if a higher percentage is required by their specific major or minor department.

Thesis Committee

Since pharmacy schools have many more applicants than they can accept, the student is urged to earn a grade point average much higher than the minimum of 2. Argument An honors thesis should have an uzrk.

A good IS honors thesis should make use of a variety of sources, both secondary those written by International Studies scholars and primary those written by those involved in an event or witnessing an event, such as government reports, urk accounts, etc.


All, however, should be marked by excellence and conform to certain academic standards and expectations. To achieve these aims, the college faculty has developed and participates in the College Honors Program and the Departmental Honors Program. The Director may set expectations, guidelines, and deadlines, whereupon it becomes the responsibility of the student to meet such requirements.

Some students choose thesiss present their thesis with PowerPoint or some sdnior media prior to receiving questions, while others prefer to turn right to questioning. A student may choose to write a senior thesis in a major area of study. In addition to usual departmental majors there are interdepartmental majors and special programs for students preparing for professional degrees in law, medicine, dentistry, and teaching.

senior thesis uark

If using footnote citations, you should follow Turabian or Chicago guidelines. Make a Gift to Uqrk. You should also be able to show how your thesis is original and where it fits into the larger literature of the field. Serve on an advisory board, or collaborate with faculty researchers.

Gaining exemption by examination.

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Students who complete a minimum of 90 hours of work may qualify for the combined degree program provided that they complete the requirements for graduation in Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Arkansas Business Hall of Fame Designed to honor, preserve and perpetuate the names and outstanding accomplishments of business leaders who have brought lasting fame to Arkansas.

Generally speaking, if your thesis topic is following a more social science approach, drawing primarily from the methodologies of political science, sociology, or a related social science discipline, parenthetical citation is more appropriate.


No more than a total of 3 hours of required colloquia may be earned either abroad or in an intersession. This program is for highly qualified students with senilr academic records who may be eligible for early admission to medical school or dental school programs. Failure to meet such deadlines will result in the postponement of tuesis thesis, possibly to the following term.

Students may obtain more detailed information about the above-named scholarships and other Fulbright College scholarships at http: Play a key role in support of our students.

How many sources are appropriate for an IS honors thesis?

Forms and Completing your Honors Project and Thesis

The criteria may be evaluated and changed periodically by the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Colloquium in Humanities 1. Other scholarships are available from the departments of Fulbright College. The honors thesis is a rewarding capstone experience for students and a gateway to research and other thesie work beyond the undergraduate years. Core — 28 hours; 15 hours must be tyesis honors level. The International Studies Thesis Defense: Fayetteville, AR Application for these general Fulbright College scholarships and awards is made through the Office of the Dean, Old Main.

senior thesis uark

In the discipline of International Studies, citations can be given seinor in-text or in footnotes. This may be taken in November or February. Toggle navigation Main Menu. Most medical schools will not accept on-line or web-based classes to fulfill requirements. Consisting of 19 departments and numerous centers and research units, Fulbright College has a twofold mission:

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