There isn’t any other tale to tell, it’s the only light we’ve got in all this darkness” When the narrator loses his daughter Grace, he simultaneously identifies with the pain and darkness in Sonny’s life and realizes his own loss of grace, resulting from the broken promise that he made to his mother the last time he saw her” Tackach Music is the ultimate language that they both can finally understand. Music becomes the most predominant symbol in the story. Donald Murray agrees with the powerful symbol of darkness in the story, asserting that there is “no escape from the darkness for Sonny and his family” Murray

The music is cathartic for Sonny and, as a result, becomes necessary for his survival. Home About Story Contact Help. The narrator’s realization that nothing had changed since he was younger only emphasizes the hopelessness associated with living in the projects. Sign In Sign Up. Sonny’s Blues James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues is a story of a tragic figure who’s life is destroyed by drugs, but it is also the story of one man’s redemption. Music becomes the most predominant symbol in the story.

He is reminded that just as they are Brothers and Sisters, that he and Sonny are Brothers; that in this Earth, everybody suffers together. Click here and use discount code Save The Cup of Trembling.

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This begins early on; in the first paragraph, when the narrator is reeling from the… read full symbol analysis. This is important because the narrator hears the words coming out of his brother’s mouth but he cannot grasp what they mean.

This image is about salvation, and it…. We read that he sat in the “living room in the dark” Baldwin 39 and the thought of his misfortune made Sonny’s trouble “real” We read about the “stony, lifeless elegance of hotels and apartment buildings, toward the vivid, killing streets” Baldwin 29 that were a part of the boys’ lives. You won’t be disappointed! Tackach adds, “The drink that now glows above Sonny like the cup of trembling The narrator helps us see the homes and the streets and equates that with a looming darkness that never goes away.


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The music is cathartic for Sonny and, as a result, becomes necessary for his survival. If it were not where it is and what it is than it would be….

This is sohnys in Sonny’s disposition. Murray concurs, pointing out that the light that spills from the bandstand and the “way in which Sonny seems to be riding the waves of applause They’re like having in-class notes for every discussion! Even a child can feel that there is some sort of inescapable impending pain that everyone knows about, yet no one wants to discuss.

sonnys blues symbolism essay

Laurie Champion notes, “Music, specifically the blues, is the most significant bluees in the story. As we have already mentioned, it becomes the toll by which Sonny can effectively deal with this world. To escape that painful, dark world is something Sonny cannot describe easily and that is why his form of expression is music.

As Sonny acknowledges, his only source of meaning in life is through music Darkness is introduced early in the story as we learn how the boys grew up with and were filled with rage. Baldwin successfully describes the neighborhood that the brothers spent their lives trying to escape.


Sonny’s Blues Character and Symbolism Analysis – Essay Example

In addition, the darkness seems inescapable. Baldwin also utilizes light glues a symbol in the story. The whole genre of music was born out of the suffering and woes of the then contemporary black society. This is the first instance when the brother realizes that music is therapy to life; that, while singing, they are momentarily absolved of all suffering.

My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class. Just before the narrator experiences watches his brother play, he says, “For while the tale of how we suffer His position implies that he desired to hide from prejudice; trying to assimilate as well as he could into white culture, whereas Sonny embraced his ethnicity.

Point of View and Symbolism in Sonny’s Blues

To Sonny, jazz represents his need for autonomy and an escape from the anguish of black poverty; and music is the only way he can truly express these feelings. The brother, on the other hand, became an algebra teacher, a job that the white culture would respect.

There bblues no escape and if there is a sliver of hope someone will come along and extinguish it.

sonnys blues symbolism essay

He states that an “intuition of the meaning of the Glues repairs the relationship between the two men who have chosen deferent ways to cope with the menacing ghetto environment”

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