Here the appendix may also be defined as, e. The students will learn to create an information base founded on sources and to report the results in accordance with the JAMK’s instructions. What will I learn during the thesis process? Thesis Forms All thesis forms can be found on this web page. Radio and television broadcasts are cited according to the name of the programme and the year.

Prospects for later use and development can also be mentioned here. The maximum file size is 75 MB. Personal communications often represent important sources of information, and therefore detailed bibliographic information must be disclosed in the list of references see List of References, Non-print sources [personal communications]. Styles facilitate professional word processing skills Keinonen b, Letter from the Ministry of Education and Culture to universities of applied sciences on 28 January , Record no.

Library Services Thesis Sauna one-to-one guidance in database search problems Information Seeking Guidande Learn to Find All library services above are found on the web page: It accounts for one third, or even half of the degree. Skip to content Project Reporting Instructions.

Reporting, Archiving and Publication – Studyguide

Your thesis progresses as a process. Make a topic proposal, a thesis plan and any agreements related to carrying out your thesis work with your commissioning party if applicable.

If a chosen keyword is included in a keyword index, the word should be used in the same form that it appears in the index. The agreement forms can be found in the thesis forms. The author s of project reports can obtain an electronic description page template from the various schools of JAMK University of Applied Sciences as well as from the Study Guide.


Bachelor’s Thesis

Text on the description page is single spaced. Interview studyquestionnaire studyaction studyor other terms to describe the research method sgive the reader some insight into the thinking behind the material. After thdsis you cannot save your thesis to Theseus. More information on the Elmo Student intranet login required. Instructions on how to publish the thesis. The thesis report is written in accordance with JAMK’s project reporting instructions. Any confidential information included in a thesis must be placed in the background material as an appendix.

Detailed information on these sources is to be entered in the list of references see List of References, Books and other publications with no known author.

Reporting, Archiving and Publication

Thesis Forms All thesis forms can be found on this web page. According to the physician, the surgery was successful and the ACL was thesiis stable. Archiving and publishing are different matters. The thesis as courses The thesis process is divided into the following courses: Note that the abbreviation ibid.

The thesis progresses in a process illustrated in the following chart login required. Please, see information on publicity here. The thesis always includes a written report created in accordance with the reporting instructions.


thesis instructions jamk

Further information and thesis reporting template word can be found on the Elmo Student login required. Instructilns interviews constitute part of the research data—thematic discussions, for example—these are not included in the list of references.

Starting a Thesis Your thesis progresses as a process. Information on thesis guidance is available on the Elmo student login required. A thesis may be implemented as a pair or group work, especially if the thesis is multi-professional or multidisciplinary by nature.

In this way, hobbies, school and therapy support one another.

thesis instructions jamk

Make a preliminary plan in your Personal Learning Plan regarding your thesis progress, including the completion of the maturity test. According to Koskinen, the entrepreneur is responsible for the finances, growth, competencies and personnel of his company. You must authenticate yourself in order to access Theseus. The ability to write a thesis starts to develop from the outset of the studies.

As a rule, the thesis is done towards the end of the studies. For the citation of multiple sources by the same author published in the same year, reference is made to individual works using lower case letters a, b, c, etc. Thesis work starts the choice of the topic.

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