One of the methods below can be used when citing: Not more than 15 words. A full text file is still required but it is only for archive. Long paragraphs should be avoided. All tables in the chapter can also be grouped together and positioned at an appropriate location.

His thesis is approved in the year Nama Penyelia Lain jika ada: If the caption is written in a single line, it should be centred. A caption should be positioned at the top of the table. You are commenting using your Google account. Submit the final version of the thesis for definitive assessment by the supervisor first assessor and the second assessor. In addition, the use of local search with MGA for fine-tuning the algorithm was also proposed and investigated, named as memetic algorithm MA.

Students wishing to write a thesis must take the following steps.

New UTM Thesis Format

Retrieved on March 7,from fttp: Prentice Hall International Thesos. Algorithma kuasa dua terkecil ortogon OLSsatu kaedah penurunan kecerunan digunakan sebagai bandingan bagi kaedah yang dicadangkan. All pages which contain signatures of student and supervisor must be scanned; iv. Engineers Joint Council If the quotation is in a different language, it must be written in italic.

Google Code Archive – Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

The advantage of using notes is that explanatory type of information can be presented along with source citations on the same page or mqnual. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Red g. You are commenting using your Google account. The main purpose of implementing digital thesis is to enable theses submitted to UTM be accessible through the Internet.


thesis manual sps utm

A thesis can be classified as confidential or restricted up to a maximum period of five 5 years. Title of the standard. All references must be listed at the end of the text. Flow chart of the preparation process is shown in Thezis 5.

Utm Format Thesis

yhesis The table numbers should be arranged according to the chapters. If a reader wishes to access the whole thesis, the reader should contact the librarian for the full text file. In addition, the use of local search with MGA for fine-tuning the algorithm was also proposed and investigated, named as memetic algorithm MA. In author or editor of the book. Pages should be numbered consecutively as shown in Table 1.

Faculty of Education Sky blue h. Name of newspaper, Retrieved date, year, from URL address of the newspaper. It was discovered that with similar number of dynamic thhesis, in most cases, MGA performs better than SGA in terms of exploring potential solution and outperformed the OLS algorithm in terms of selected number of terms and predictive accuracy.


thesis manual sps utm

One and a half line spacing should be used. He is a staff of Faculty of Education and his staff number is Therefore: The files should be named as follows: This site uses cookies. ETD must be submitted using high quality CD. For example, an article by Scholfield published in should be listed before the one published in This includes all preliminary pages, main contents of the thesis and all appendices as submitted to the panel of examiners and approved.

Price per copy if for sale: The followings are examples of writing style according to the name of the author: Name of Supervisor III: These are arranged as in Table 1.

Furthermore, the case studies on identification of multivariable systems based on real experimental data from two systems namely a turbo alternator and a continuous stirred tank reactor showed that the proposed algorithm could be used as an alternative to adequately identify adequate and parsimonious models for those systems.

They are listed in manuak following order:

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