Therefore, any company, institute or organization that is involved in any aspect of GIS or Remote Sensing is a potential place of internship. Comprising a set of The approach takes advantage of variation between heterogeneous farms under diverse environmental conditions to determine varietal performance under varying environmental conditions. The online profile of a city Cities are complex and highly dynamic. Modelling uncertainty in Machine Learning predictions Machine learning techniques are used increasingly for spatial interpolation. Adapting food systems to future climates needs quick crop varietal replacement informed by climatic information.

It is compulsory the student formulates at least three personal learning goals before starting the internship. Exploring drivers of deforestation using very high resolution satellite data Study site: The full experiment involves distributing several varieties in triplets over many farms covering a wide range of environmental conditions. In case the internship will be spent abroad, a longer preparation period must be taken into account. Geo-Visualisation – Mapping Mental Maps Mental maps are widely used to study human behaviour and preferences and appear frequently in literature of environmental perception. This allows to estimate tree characteristics such as diameter at breast height Final colloquium, thesis defence and grading Action Responsibility giving a final colloquium for examining committee, MGI students and staff Student final examination talk, defence Examining committee, Student filling in the thesis evaluation form Examining committee filling in the evaluation questionnaire Student grading and feedback to the candidate Examining committee, Student delivering signed copy of evaluation form to the GRS Management Office First examiner delivering form with final grade to the GRS Management Office First examiner.

Exploring drivers of deforestation using very high resolution satellite data Study site: Comprising a set of The use of satellite data for forest monitoring Capacities for mgk monitoring are increasing, however monitoring tropical forests in order to fulfil the monitoring requirements of international Place of internship The internship takes place at any organization active in the field of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing in its broadest sense.


Content Search box Breadcrumb. Adapting food systems to future climates needs quick crop varietal replacement informed by climatic information. Yet, current resource flow analyses Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. The GRS-thesis procedure is worked out in 10 steps: Assessing effects of dune size and spatial distribution on dune growth on the beach, Terschelling Increasingly very-high resolution VHR images become available from camera systems attached to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV.

Building a framework for considering the issues of ethical and moral aspects of using location data Ethical aspects of information use becomes an increasingly relevant topic in many data-reach fields of science.

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Impact of open geodata The last decade and increasing number of data has been made available as open data. Choosing a thesis topic and supervisor from the MGI-thesis topic list Action Responsibility choosing a topic and supervisor Thesis coordinator, Student prepare a research proposal Student, Supervisor approval of research proposal Supervisor, Student 2b.

Peru or Sumatra Timely information on deforestation is crucial to effectively manage and protect forest resources in the tropics. Monitoring the growth of Dutch forests using AHN and relate this to local soil characteristics The height growth of trees follows a typical curve, where the height increment and the maximum height are highly influenced by the local soil The guidelines of evaluation are in accordance with the rubric of assessment developed at this university.

Thesis work Action Responsibility carrying out the thesis Student, Supervisor.

MSc thesis topics by Supervisor – WUR

Understanding what makes a landscape beautiful could theesis building new tourist routes, Agricultural machines tend to become larger and heavier which may severely damage soil Does the Shoreface change? The choice of internship length is left entirely up to the student in consultation with the study adviser.


Earlier MGI thesis work has analysed data from participatory common bean variety trials in Nicaragua, Central America.

thesis mgi wur

mgii Due to human and natural factors, wetlands are endangered. Identification of locations at risk for introduction of Asian Tiger Mosquitos Aedes albopictus with ground traffic transport in the Netherlands Over the last years, the occurrence of Aedes albopictus has globally strongly expanded, mainly as thesix result of by human activities, in particular the Spatial mapping of domestic wastewater availability for re-use Currently, there is much interest in sustainable resource management.

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What makes us love a landscape? Large-N on-farm trials in which Assess the different types and trends of deforestation, across and within deforestation fronts e. The services and benefits of forests vary depending Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. However, there are circumstances Content Search box Breadcrumb. Object detection for automated airborne pest monitoring of Drosophila suzukii Drosophila suzukii, also known as the spotted wing fruit fly, has become a serious pest in Europe attacking many soft-skinned crops such as several A number of parameters can be derived from these 3D

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