College of Graduate Studies Contact Us. One additional full copy on bond paper is required by the UI Library and should be delivered to the College of Graduate Studies one week prior to the end of the term. To change a graduation semester the current application must be canceled and the student must reapply for a subsequent term by the deadline. Please use only if you are knowledgeable and familiar with the program. An appeal of a recommendation for a warning may be made to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. About Us Quick Facts and Figures. The committee will make a recommendation for action to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies who will make the final decision.

Credits earned in University of Idaho correspondence courses are applied to a graduate program only with the prior written approval of the dean of the College of Graduate Studies. Thesis and Dissertation Advisor. You will find all you need to know about starting and completing your thesis or dissertation right here using ETD Electronic submission of Dissertations and Theses. Research Before Starting Your Research. The pertinent requirements for graduate degrees are those contained in the most recent UI catalog issue that was in effect at the time of, or subsequent to, the candidate’s admission into a specific graduate program as a degree seeking student.

The interval before the second attempt may not be less than three months or longer than one year. Workshops Prestigious Fellowships Workshop. A to Z Index. The defense, if failed, may with the programs approval be repeated once. If annual enrollment is not maintained and the absence has been five or fewer terms, a request for reenrollment in the program is required prior to any future registration by completing the Request for Reenrollment form available on the College of Graduate Studies website.


The remaining reviews are used to assess growth and the ability to complete the program.

The defense is usually oral but part may be written. The candidate is required to defend his or her work and show a satisfactory knowledge of the program and supporting fields. Such a request would be initiated by the student and advanced only hhesis the remaining committee supports such request.

University of Idaho – General Graduate Regulations

If annual enrollment is not maintained and the absence has been for more than five terms, a request for readmission to the program is processed through the Graduate Admissions Office as well as reenrollment through the College of Graduate Studies.

General Graduate Regulations The regulations described in this section are the minimum standards established by the faculty of the College of Graduate Studies. If a major professor has not been appointed, the program’s administrator will conduct the review.

Before the hanbook defense, the “Request to Proceed with Final Defense” form see www. If the student has registered pending receipt of the revert grade, the student will be disenrolled.

uidaho thesis handbook

Graduation applications are term specific. The student, the major professor, and the program’s administrator will be allowed to appear before the committee.

General Graduate Regulations

Reinstatement is granted for a specific semester only. Morrill Hall Room Mailing Address: There are helpful resources within the ETD module itself, and explanations about publishing options and other items are described in the Handbook. A student is considered full time academically when registered for 9 or more credits. Regular Semester or Summer Session. All masters and specialist degree seeking students are required to file a study plan with the College of Graduate Studies by the end of the first year of attendance.

See also specific credit guidelines under ” Student Financial Aid Services. Graduate programs may establish additional regulations, including additional residence requirements, above the minimums set by the College of Graduate Studies. A catalog issue is valid for a maximum of seven years from its effective date. The exit requirement, if failed, may with the program’s approval be repeated once. Early in the student’s academic career, the student prepares in conference with the major professor and committee, if required by department a study plan outlining all course work to be completed to fulfill the requirements for the degree.


A majority vote of the committee is necessary for a candidate to pass this defense. Probation, Disqualification, and Reinstatement. Online Programs List of Online Degrees.

uidaho thesis handbook

With approval from the Associate Dean and a Change of Registration form, a student may enroll in up to 22 credits in the fall and spring semesters and 18 credits in the summer session.

Should the research methodology or source of funding change, the appropriate group must be notified. Uidhao Resources Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Need help understanding LaTex or need the software?

The study plan is submitted for the approval by the student’s major professor, the program administrator, iidaho the dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

uidaho thesis handbook

Grad Workshop Series. If a student fails the final defense twice, or the program does not allow the student to repeat the defense after the first failure, or the student does not uidahi the defense within a year, the student is automatically moved to unclassified enrollment status and is no longer in the degree program.

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