How will you use it and why. Current students ANU has a huge variety of support services, programs and activities to enhance your student experience. Leading in our region. Elements of this website require JavaScript, and will not function unless you enable it or use another browser with JavaScript support. Excellence is embedded in our approach to research and education. Note whether the work substantiates other works have read, or adds new information. Discover why ANU is the right choice for you.

Evaluating Web Pages Accuracy whether the page lists the author and institution that published the page and provides a means of contact. For whom is this text intended? They tend to take the following format: Objectivity whether accurate objective information is provided and advertising limited. What methodology does it use? Note whether bibliographies are included.

Currency whether the page is current, updated regularly as stated on the page and the links are also up-to-date. Title of Journal Whether the journal is scholarly peer-reviewedprofessional or trade, or a popular magazine. Giving Your donation bibliigraphy make a real difference to our biblioggaphy of researchers and students.

Look for a bibliography at the end of the article which may indicate the depth of the research. Your browser has JavaScript disabled or does not support JavaScript. Cite the book, article, or document using the required referencing style. The elements of a complete citation of other types of publication are different. See the relevant Referencing Style for further information on specific types of publications. Types of Journals Scholarly journals Cite sources in footnotes, reference lists or bibliographies Articles are written by an expert or researcher in the field Target audience is fellow researchers or students; language use is that of the discipline covered Purpose is to report original research or experimentation.


Read the author’s credentials and anntoated abstract of the article. How annotate you use it and why. Note intended level – elementary, technical, advanced. Write a concise annotation on the central theme and scope of the work.

Select those works that provide a variety of perspectives on your topic.

Annotated Bibliography – The Library: University of Waikato

Excellence is embedded in our approach to research and education. Your browser is not supported by ANU web styles. When conducting research projects, writing and maintaining an annotated bibliography is essential because it enables you to record how you bibliographj engaged critically with the current scholarship in your research field.

Scan the table of contents and the index to get an overview of the material it covers.

Date of Publication Publication date on the title page or on annotaged reverse or copyright date; last update on web pages. Journal Article Look at the table of contents of the journal.

Current students ANU has a huge variety of support services, programs and activities to enhance your student experience. Alumni ANU graduates become lifelong members of our community.


uow annotated bibliography

Author Author’s credentials – institutional affiliation where author works ; educational background; past writings. They tend to take the following format: Student experience Accommodation Events Contacts. Division of Student Life.

How to give Giving Day Support students. Note whether the information is well-researched, supported, objective and impartial.

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Why is this text important? See what’s on offer.

The annotation begins with a full citation of the text in the chosen referencing style see more here on Referencing. Annotated bibliographies enable you to be assessed on your ability to review the primary literature on a particular subject, to demonstrate your familiarity with the sources available in your discipline, or to indicate how your sources were significant to your purposes in writing up hibliography research. Exchange and Study Abroad.

uow annotated bibliography

In terms of appraising the source, the annotations may focus on the persuasiveness of the author’s argument, the reliability of the evidence presented, the relationship of the source to other critics, or the usefulness of its contribution to the discipline’s field of inquiry.

When thinking about what to critique, the following questions may be helpful in helping you decide what to include:.

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