Instead, we had to create fields for our Critter objects to “remember” which move we were on. It taught me to always maintain good style and prioritize clean and readable code. Feel free to email me! A main reason is that it doesn’t have autocomplete. Overall, I thought the course was well taught and very well structured. We d like you to remove your posting and any other similar postings you may have made within 24 hours. The main issue I had with this assignment was the difference between arrays and other data types.

By not having autocomplete, I had to write each statement out through memory or by looking up the documentation of what I needed. Although challenging, these assignments were also very fun and valuable to the class. Homework 5 Guessing Game. It taught me to always maintain good style and prioritize clean and readable code. Get YouTube Red Best of views; 1 month ago; 1:

CSE 142: Computer Programming I, Spring 2017

Since half the homework points were from internal correctness, it was very important to always write code with good style. To have clean style, we had to look for redundant branches of if statements and see if we could refactor them in a way that removed redundant code.

Prior to this class, I had basic knowledge about the fundamentals of programming. It doesn’t have extra cool features like other IDEs have like autocomplete, but that didn’t mean it was horrible to use either. This tool I did not use as much compared to the Output Comparison Tool.


I had to decide whether my code homdwork readable and well documented.

My Reflection on CSE Computer Programming I at the University of Washington | Ivan Tan

This program involved both line-based and token-based file processing. These assignments were graded on both internal correctness and external correctness. Joseph university of washington Class of deciding between CSE and of various reason from mental problems to problems adjusting to UW.

Tell your friends about me. Here is the link for Practice-It. The Indenter Tool fixes the indentation of your Java Code. How hard is it to get into the CS major? Homework In the Autumn quarter, there were nine total homework assignments.

By getting familiar with doing these efficiently, it gives you more time to do the programming problems which will definitely take up the majority of the test time. Another focus was that we needed to keep track cee overall game statistics in a way that we could print them after all the games were played.

DrawingPanel is a special class that the authors of our textbook wrote. Computer Programming I, Autumn. Office hours will be on Wednesday.

uw cse 142 homework

ho,ework Homework 5 Guessing Game. CSE Homework Page. We d like you to remove your posting and any other similar postings you may have made within 24 hours. My Reflection on CSE This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. You dismissed this ad. So if you pass the variable of an array to another method, then that method can access and change the values of the same array since that variable only contains a reference to the actual array.


I am constantly telling my non-CS friends 12 take just to try it out. This is very important because in programming, you don’t want to repeat yourself and write the same code over and over again.

uw cse 142 homework

Prior to posting this publicly, on December 30,I emailed my instructor to read over this article in order to check for anything that might be deemed as academic misconduct. Typically, if the average on the midterm was high i.

The tests for this course were handwritten and although they were difficult, there were plenty of resources available for help. An example of this is that the client code would ask our Critters our classes for a single move each in-game tick. Although I had self-taught some programming basics using online tutorials, they were mostly in Python and not in Java the language used in this class.

Computer Programming I, Spring Instructor: Critters The main focus of the assignment was on objects and object-oriented programming. CSE was my first real experience with not only programming in Java, but also taking a structured programming class. Mad Libs was the assignment where we were first introduced to file processing.

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