Out of this quadrangle flow ‘advancing knowledge’, ‘integrating knowledge’, ‘transforming knowledge’—all challenging intellectual work which forms no part of a Librarian’s remit. The statutes deal with the university’s modus operandi. This article will dwell on the model that obtains at the St. With the dawn of the electronic age it is now fashionable, in the interest of speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, to create databases for theses and mount them on networked computers. Working under the aegis of the University Library Committee, the University Librarian is responsible for the co—ordination of library services of the university; the incumbent plays a co—ordination role, looking and seeing what could be done in unison and trying to do it. Each of the three campuses has its own programme and methodology in relation to thesis checking and preservation. They are significant links in the chain of ‘advancing knowledge’, ‘integrating knowledge’.

The first is how do you define, describe and quantify the kind of scholarship performed by academic librarians? Thereafter, the Main Library at St. Checking is done in accordance with a structured Thesis Approval Check List which comprises the following: As a final word, it is hoped that new and other dimensions in the debate on the status of Academic Librarians will continue to be explored and a more worthwhile partnership evolve between Academics and Librarians as the 21st century runs its course. Layout—the correct sequencing of the title page, abstract, acknowledgements if any , table of contents, lists of figures, tables, illustrations, charts, appendices etc. You will be advised if you need to do further Library corrections or proceed to step 6.

Association of College and Research Libraries.


uwi thesis declaration form

You will be expected to re-register each semester until the degree has been awarded. I understand that copying this thesis may constitute an infringement of the author’s rights, unless done with the written consent of the author or in accordance with provisions of the Copyright Act which expressly permit copying without the author’s consent. This in turn helps the Academic Librarian to cope more adequately with reference enquiries that arise out of the discipline and makes it easier to fashion declarstion a more amenable landscape in reference enquiries which are so vitally important fofm the pursuit of knowledge.

Appendices are raw data illustrative of textual analysis.

uwi thesis declaration form

Harrod, Leonard Montague ed. It was established in essentially to train West Indian Medics and Medicine remained its main focus for a good while after its establishment.

7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

The thesis, whatever the case, is returned with the Co—ordinator’s report. Augustine, Ordinance 7 was amended to provide for the deposit of two copies of each decalration accepted. It facilitates bibliographical control and services. Phil 11 12 23 Ph. Perhaps the most significant of these is the creation of new knowledge.

Now discontinued and appearing as Vol. Table of Postgraduate Enrollment Thesiss. RClarke [at] library [dot] uwi [dot] tt. Section 3 Section hwi Reg. The University Council appoints as University Librarian one of the Librarians responsible for the administration of the library services of a campus. The undermentioned are statistics of theses submitted at the St. Augustine Campus of UWI: Augustine Campus by the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

The rationale for this project stemmed from the university’s desire to preserve the many theses and dissertations which have been held in typescript for several years, some of which date as far back as uei, long before the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture ICTA and the University College of the West Indies were merged and the University of the West Indies became an independent institution.


7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

Aided by this powerful weapon UWI seeks: Theses, primary source materials, are all about original knowledge. Each of the three campuses has its own programme and methodology in relation to thesis checking and preservation. In addition each campus has a Campus Council that deals specifically with the business of the particular campus subject to the approval of the university council.

It is no surprise then that St.

Postgrad – Documents Library

Augustine, Trinidad and Cave Hill, Barbados. For many years a thsis famous retrieval tool has been the index to theses. It must be of a satisfactory literary standard and must be suitable for publication as a thesis of the University of the West Indies. Augustine Campus for the wui period to They further instruct on research methodology and calculations that are not obvious in the text. It could prompt rankings both in terms of sources and authorship.

Thereafter, the Main Library at St. Sc 68 Ph. Add to collection s Add to saved.

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